Sebastian Bartosz

Sebastian Bartosz works as a Garden Designer / Landscaper in the beautiful, sunny South East of Ireland and has been involved in the gardening industry for many years

About Me

Full garden design service from concept drawings through to working plans.

Personal Details

Sebastian Bartosz

Address 1: 550 Cannon street
City: Vancover
Country: Canada
Postal / ZIP Code: 135135
Phone: 123 4654545


Stage 1 Initial Consultation. Site visit to discuss your requirements and inspect the site. Following this visit, estimates are sent for proposed design work along with proposal of design work to be undertaken.

Stage 2 A comprehensive site survey is taken, Existing Conditions Drawing prepared and new design sketches prepared for client approval.

Stage 3 Once the design sketches are approved, the design Presentation Drawing is prepared.

Stage 4 Working Drawings consisting ofDetailed Planting Plans showing the exact position of all plants, Plant Schedules and all planting details.Materials & Layout Plan showing all the technical details necessary to build the hard landscape element of the gardenStage 

5 Project managementStage 6 Garden Maintenance. Tables showing full maintenance schedule necessary for the upkeep of the garden on a month by month basis supplied. Yearly review of garden